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 electroplating - wikipedia
Electroplating, also known as electrochemical deposition or electrodeposition, is a process for producing a metal coating on a solid substrate through the reduction of cations of that metal by means of a direct electric current. The part to be coated acts as the cathode (negative electrode) of an electrolytic cell; the electrolyte is a solution ...

 elettrodeposizione, cos'è e come funziona? | dassault systèmes®
L'elettrodeposizione è un processo di finitura ampiamente adottato in vari settori industriali per rivestire oggetti metallici con un sottile strato di un metallo diverso per ottenere le proprietà desiderate che mancano al pezzo originale. Il processo è chiamato elettrodeposizione. Viene utilizzato principalmente per modificare le proprietà superficiali di un oggetto, come la resistenza ...

 what is electroplating and how does it work? - thoughtco
How Electroplating Works. Electroplating is the application of electrolytic cells in which a thin layer of metal is deposited onto an electrically conductive surface. A cell consists of two electrodes (conductors), usually made of metal, which are held apart from one another. The electrodes are immersed in an electrolyte (a solution).

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 electroplating | metal coating & finishing techniques | britannica
electroplating, process of coating with metal by means of an electric current. Plating metal may be transferred to conductive surfaces (metals) or to nonconductive surfaces (plastics, wood, leather) after the latter have been rendered conductive by such processes as coating with graphite, conductive lacquer, electroless plate, or a vaporized ...

 galvanostegia - wikipedia
Galvanostegia. Ricoprimento di un metallo (Me) con rame (Cu) tramite galvanostegia. La galvanostegìa, conosciuta anche come deposizione elettrochimica o elettrodeposizione, è un processo che permette di ricoprire un metallo con un sottile strato di un altro metallo sfruttando la deposizione elettrolitica. Lo spessore dello strato coprente ...

 electroplating - chemistry libretexts
Electroplating is the process of plating one metal onto another by hydrolysis, most commonly for decorative purposes or to prevent corrosion of a metal. There are also specific types of electroplating such as copper plating, silver plating, and chromium plating. Electroplating allows manufacturers to use inexpensive metals such as steel or zinc ...

 electroplating - an overview | sciencedirect topics
Electroplating can be performed at room temperature or lower, and the effect of thermal stress is much smaller than in other methods. One application of electroplating is to create elements that conduct a larger current. A good example of such an element is a micro electrical coil [12, 13].

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