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 trivalent white galvanization - elettrogalvanica bolis specializzata in ...
trivalent white galvanization It allows to obtain a transparent film with blue reflections on the electrolytic zinc deposit obtained in an acid environment.

 zinc electroplating - atotech
Atotech Zinc electroplating chemicals Technology built to exceed industry standards Highlighting our commitment to sustainability Find out ... Superior resistance to white rust; Excellent thickness distribution; Outstanding ductility; Passivates and post-dips . ... Via Lecco, 6 20045 Lainate (MI) Italy. Tel.: +39 02 933 021 Fax.: +39 02 933 021 99.

 elettrogalvanica bolis specializzata in trattamenti di zincatura
Elettrogalvanica Bolis srl. Reg. Imp. Lecco REA 307885 | P.Iva 03133840136 | Cap. Soc. € 25.000 i.v. Via Cantelli, 2 - Calolziocorte - 23801 (LC)

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 bonvini elettrogalvanica – zincatura elettrolitica – zinco nichel
The newest arrival at Bonvini Elettrogalvanica s.r.l. is the Tin-Zinc treatment, an electrolytic process that allows a deposit of a Tin-Zinc alloy that contains 75% tin and 25% zinc. The deposit has an optimum resistance to corrosion. It is definitely superior to the classic electrolytic zinc coatings and has up to 1,000h to the appearance of rust.

 macdermid enthone industrial solutions | passivation systems
This trivalent passivate is both CMR and SVHC-free. It has been developed to protect zinc and zinc-iron coatings. TriPass ELV 7000 passivation coatings have good scratch resistance. A particular feature of the TriPass ELV 7000 trivalent passivate film is that the new corrosion inhibitor, which replaces cobalt, can be analyzed (in the deposit).

 development of trivalent chromium passivation for zn platng with high ...
Trivalent chromium passivation is used after zinc plating for enhancing corrosion resistance of parts. In the passivating process, the amount of dissolved metal ions (for example zinc and iron) in the passivation solution increases the longer the solution is used. This results in a reduced corrosion

 zinc or zinc alloy electroplating | fabory
ZINC OR ZINC ALLOY ELECTROPLATING. This is by far the most common surface coating for steel fasteners. A very thin layer (3 to 20 microns* for threaded fasteners) of zinc or a zinc alloy (e.g., ZnFe, ZnNi) is deposited on the surface of the fastener by an electrolytic (galvanic) process. Directly after the products are covered with zinc, a ...

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