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 company - rapitech
Electrolytic zinc plating, bright clear passivation, minimum coating thickness 8μm. WELLOW GALVANIZATION 7μm. Electrolytic zinc plating, yellow passivation, hexavalent chromium free, minimum coating thickness 7μm. IRIDESCENT GALVANIZING 8μm. Electrolytic zinc plating, iridescent passivation, hexavalent chromium free, minimum coating thickness 8μm.

 trivalent white galvanization - elettrogalvanica bolis specializzata in ...
trivalent white galvanization. It allows to obtain a transparent film with blue reflections on the electrolytic zinc deposit obtained in an acid environment. It allows to obtain a good resistance to corrosion, made with trivalent chromium and free from hexavalent chromium and other harmful or polluting substances, respecting in full the REACH ...

 electroplating lecco
electroplating lecco zinc chromiting lecco - zinc chromiting lecco electrolytic zinc lecco zinc chromiting lecco zinc chromiting lecco zinc chromiting lecco prodotto a base di cromo trivalente per conversione di Info CHROMITING 680 VML – Verniciatura Metalli Lecco s.r.l. Via per Airuno, 27 – 23883 – Brivio (LC) – tel.039/53.20.313 – fax.039/53.20.371 ...

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 electrogalvanization - wikipedia
Electrogalvanizing is a process in which a layer of zinc is bonded to steel in order to protect against corrosion. The process involves electroplating, running a current of electricity through a saline/zinc solution with a zinc anode and steel conductor.

 electrolytic zinc coated sheet - becker stahl-service
Electrolytic zinc coated sheet. Hot aluminised sheet. Grades and properties. Limitations, parameters for testing and exceptional arrangements are to be taken from the pertinent standard. Mild steel grades. electrolytic zinc coated cold rolled steel products, DIN EN 10152 (ZE) / DIN EN 10271 (ZN)

 electrolytic zinc plating – supergalvanica
ELECTROLYTIC ZINC PLATING. CONTACT US. ELECTROLYTIC ZINC PLATING. This should be considered as the best protection for ferrous materials.

 electrolytic zinc | inelca metal surface coating
Electrolytic Zinc | INELCA Metal surface coating. The electrolytic Zinc process consists in the deposition of metallic Zn by the passage of current within a specific electrolyte. In this way bright deposits of Zn are obtained on metal parts of different materials such as steel, zamak, brass, etc.

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