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 nickel coatings: material, applications and benefits - paganoni
13 April 2023. Nickel coatings are a process of applying a thin layer of nickel onto the surface of an object or component. This type of coating can be used to improve corrosion resistance, increase hardness, improve electrical conductivity, or simply enhance the aesthetic appearance of products.

 electrochemical metrics for corrosion resistant alloys
In corrosion resistant alloys (CRAs), the rate of localized corrosion can exceed that of uniform corrosion by orders of magnitude. Therefore, instead of uniform corrosion rate, more complex...

 plasma arc melting (pam) and corrosion resistance of pure ... - springer
Abstract. Plasma arc melting (PAM) as a suitable non-contaminating melting route for manufacturing high-quality NiTi alloy was successfully examined. The corrosion resistance of PAM Nitinol was evaluated by both potentiodynamic and potentiostatic tests and compared with lower purity NiTi produced by vacuum induction melting (VIM).

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 trivalent white galvanization - elettrogalvanica bolis specializzata in ...
trivalent white galvanization. It allows to obtain a transparent film with blue reflections on the electrolytic zinc deposit obtained in an acid environment. It allows to obtain a good resistance to corrosion, made with trivalent chromium and free from hexavalent chromium and other harmful or polluting substances, respecting in full the REACH ...

 chromium carbide: the solution for industrial coatings
The chemical industry leverages the corrosion resistance of chromium carbide to enhance the durability and efficiency of their plants. The use of this material in chemical production processes helps reduce operational costs, while ensuring the safety and quality of the process.

 optimisation of the setup of lpr and eis measurements for ... - springer
Electrochemical techniques have been successfully applied in the past as non-destructive techniques to the cultural heritage field. In particular, linear polarisation resistance (LPR) and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) have been employed for the onsite monitoring of corrosion on metallic works of art, providing valuable results. Such techniques have been successfully adapted from ...

 corrosion resistant metals | materials selection guide | swagelok
The risk of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) increases when chloride concentrations, temperatures, and tensile stress are high. No stainless steel is completely immune to SCC. We have performed SCC testing on pressurized Swagelok tube fittings with exceptional results.

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